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Voll B44 (V2) Passive Bookshelf Speakers (1 Pair)

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The B44 has been discontinued and replaced with the Voll B50

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Improvements Across the Board

The original Voll B44 were some of the best value bookshelf speakers you could buy. Now the all new B44 V2 is even better with significant upgrades to the woofer, tweeter and crossover. The B44 is clearer and more responsive than ever.

  • All new 1″ Tweeter for clearer and more refined highs
  • Improved low end woofer response
  • Third order crossover (18dB/Octave) with Zobel network

We think you’ll love our B44s but if you don’t we offer a no questions asked full refund (minus $10 return shipping).

Terms and conditions
You must contact us within 30 days of purchase with your intention to return. The speakers must be packed in the original box and must be in as new condition. You must have access to a printer and sticky tape to attach the return consignment note to the box. The money back guarantee does not apply to amplifiers, we may be able to accomodate amplifier returns for a fair restocking fee, please contact us for further information.
*courier pickup is not available in some areas. You may be required to post the speakers at your local post office instead (no extra charges will apply above the $10 return shipping fee).

improved woofer low end
larger 1″ tweeter
all new third order crossover

Bigger than the Price Tag

Our B44 bookshelf speakers punch well above their weight. With a bigger sound than what their size or price tag would suggest. V2 improves significantly on composure and response while keeping the incredible soundstage that our customers rave about.

The Specs

  • 4″ Carbon fibre woofer
  • 1″ Silk dome tweeter
  • Magnetic speaker grills
  • 75 watts power handling (per speaker)
  • 84dB/w sensitivity
  • 60hz-20khz frequency response
  • 4 Ω Impedance
  • Third order crossover (18dB/Octave) with Zobel network
  • 240mm (H) x 147mm (W) x 156mm (D) (per speaker)

In the Box

  • 2x Voll B44 V2 Bookshelf Speakers (1 Pair)
  • 2x Magnetic speaker grill
  • 8x Rubber feet
  • 1x Instruction manual

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Additional information

Shipping Weight 5 kg
Shipping Dimensions 43 × 28 × 22 cm

6 reviews

  1. Anonymous

    B44 V1 Review
    The Voll B44 pairs perfectly with the Topping TP22 T-amp as a bedroom unit. The sound quality is just amazing from this combo, clear, transparent with great soundstage and separation, the highs are clear, good mids and good ,tight bass (considering the 4″ drivers). With further burn in of the amp and speakers, the sound will only get better. Make sure you put the speakers up on stands if possible with the grilles off. The amp can go loud without distorting even at full volume, I normally have it on around 10-11 o’clock for more than adequate listening levels. Certainly one of the better Tripath chips out there. I have the SMSL TDA7498 T-amp which outputs 160W @ 4ohm and the TP22 sounds better! Had the Topping connected to my Dali Zensor 1 bookshelf speakers (costing 5 times as much!) to see how they perform and the B44’s certainly gave it a run for it’s money! The bass on the Dali’s were a little bit more tighter and deeper (probably because the have larger 6″ drivers) and mids more accurate with better build quality but apart from that, the B44’s clearly is punching above it’s weight. They are just fantastic speakers and amps for the price. Get one!

  2. Anonymous

    B44 V1 Review
    These little speakers have offered me great value for money. Hooked up in a relatively large room (7×5 with 4m high ceilings and wooden floors and open arch into much larger space) I often stop myself in appreciation of the sound they are producing.
    At first I thought I may need a little sub but after a number of hours listening the bass hits just about right. Just last night I was listening to ‘Lost on the River – the new basement tapes’ with a good friend and we were pretty impressed with the bass coming through on that album, in perfect balance. They were a bit surprised on seeing the size of the Volls!
    I’m now thinking on another pair with a little Topping amp from Voll for the computer in the larger room, as it throws such a nice sound. I was considering some powered speakers (A2) but for the same price I think the Volls and little amp/dac will do just fine.

  3. Anonymous

    B44 V1 Review
    These are a good looking pair of mini monitor speakers. The rounded corners and subtle dark-brown vinyl rap covering make them ideal desktop computer speakers when paired with a “T” amp. Add to that their reasonable price point and it’s no mystery as to why I bought them sight unseen and sound unheard.

    So how do they sound? Well, first I connected them to an old Yamaha receiver amp and ran them in for 30 hours in order to properly assess their full capabilities. I auditioned them by playing a wide range of music both new and old. It became clear that the strength of these speakers is acoustic tracks. Voices sound clear and quite forward. YouTube videos and TV with lots of talking come through very clearly.

    The downside is a by-product of the size of these speaker. They don’t produce enough bass and the lower midrange is also deficient. Leonard Cohen’s voice for example sounds rather anaemic on these speakers and various musical elements which occur in this range are sometimes barely audible. I thought for I while I was miss remembering tracks but when I compared the Voll’s to some speakers from a decade old Sanyo micosystem all kinds of bass and low-mid elements sprang forth into life again. The Sanyo cabinets dimensions are within 15mm of the Voll’s so I think it is a fair comparison; significantly they feature 4.5″ woofers compared to the Voll’s smaller 4″ drivers.

    In summary these speakers are small, good looking and well priced. Their good vocal clarity would make them good TV or computer speakers but their little drivers just can’t put out enough bass or lower mid-range for more than casual music listening.

  4. Anonymous

    B44 V1 Review
    Great little speakers! Still only new so many hours of ‘breaking in’ yet to do but hey, they can only get better with time. With a touch of EQ I put these in a shoot-out with much larger, much more capable studio monitors (running flat EQ) and they A-B compared really well. Once the low-end gets overwhelmed they can become a little muddy and they lack a bit of clarity in the higher mids but I’m being foolish here by comparing them with speakers worth at least 50 times as much so really it’s not even fair critisism afterall 😉

    Great ‘all-rounder’ speakers but those who enjoy a bit more bottom-end should definitely consider a small Sub to go with them. Wouldn’t need anything too powerful or expensive, just something to enhance those low freqs.

    Believe the high ratings & glowing reviews found elsewhere. Very highly recommended!

  5. Anonymous

    B44 V1 Review
    Absolutely cracking set of speakers for the price. Bought these together with the SMSL Q5 instead of a soundbar and to replace an iPhone speaker dock (a decent Panasonic unit) and I couldn’t be happier. Connected to my TV via coax, running sound from the TV and my HTPC. Added a Logitech bluetooth adapter to the Q5 (for the GF and parties etc.) and the whole setup works flawlessly. As others have said, good separation, clear highs and mids, and very respectable lows for a set of bookshelf speakers. Great customer service from the team at Voll. Recommended.

  6. Anonymous

    B44 V1 Review
    I saw the reviews on these speakers and after a couple of disappointing Ebay buys to try and match a Denon vintage amp I am running off a MacMini at the back of the house I decided to make the purchase. I figured since the Voll guys are offering the “if you are not completely satisfied” policy it really was not a risk.

    The Volls arrived today and I have run them up on the Denon. To put this in perspective I have a pair of super-high quality Revolutions and a pair of even better Epicure Series 5s at the other end of the house running off vintage Marantz amps. The NotePerfects and the Epicures are bliss to listen to; highly detailed and precise.

    I was not expecting the Volls to be even close, they were only supposed to provide reasonable listening quality from the MacMini. The Volls do not quite have the depth of the Revolutions, or the Epicures (being about half to a quarter of the size) but they have awesome detail!

    $130.00 with postage, give or take! Arrived by courier, superbly packed and these bad-boys have serious sound detail at low and high volume (I prefer it near-field and low).

    Whoever made the decision to import these speakers is on a winner, and with a decent amp (I have never tried the Toppings, so I cannot comment) you cannot go wrong with a purchase like this.

    What I want the Voll guys to do now is come up with a matching woofer or sub-woofer to add a little more depth and I will complete the set.

    Great work Voll! I am fully satisfied.

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