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Voll S8 8″ Subwoofer

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The Voll S8 is a compact down firing 8″ powered subwoofer that delivers both clean punchy bass and rumbling lows. The S8 is a perfect match for our P44 bookshelf speakers.

The S8 is powered by a modern class D amplifier delivering 100W of low noise clean output with very low idle power usage.

Don’t be fooled by the S8’s size – the S8 boasts 23hz-150hz +-3dB frequency response. We don’t believe there is a subwoofer in this price range (or even close) that delivers the kind of performance the S8 delivers.

Colour: Matte Black

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Finally a Compact Budget Subwoofer with Big Sub Performance

Cheap subwoofers are hard to come by and when you do find them they usually perform poorly with minimal bass extension, inefficient & under powered amplification and excessive port noise. The Voll S8 solves all of these problems with bass extension down to 23hz, very low power usage, low port noise and an excellent flat response curve.

The Voll S8 is just as suitable under your desk for music/gaming as it is for use in your home theatre. The low bass extension for its size and powerful 100WRMS amplification makes it great for movies while the well designed port, cabinet,8″ driver and port plug enable it to cleanly deliver punchy bass for music.

Unlike many competitors using older designs the S8 uses modern class D amplification. This gives the S8 incredibly low idle power usage and low susceptibility to interference/noise from other electronics

The Specs

  • 8” Driver
  • 100w class D integrated amplifier
  • Rear-firing flared ABS port
  • Cutoff frequency selection (40hz – 160hz)
  • Phase selector switch (0/180deg)
  • line/LFE input & high level (speaker) level input
  • Foam port plug included (enables the S8 to be used in a sealed configuration for punchier bass)
  • 23hz – 150hz frequency response (+-3dB)
  • 420mm (H) x 320mm (W) x 270mm (D) 10.5KG

In the Box

  • Voll S8 Active Subwoofer
  • Australian Power cable
  • Mono RCA cable (1.5m)
  • User manual


The Voll S8 comes with a 2 year warranty. If the product fails in the first 6 months we’ll cover all return shipping fees.

Please Note: Our warranty does not exclude any rights you may have under Australian consumer law.

We think you’ll love our S8 but if you don’t we offer a no questions asked full refund (minus $10 return shipping).

Terms and conditions
You must contact us within 30 days of purchase with your intention to return. The speakers must be packed in the original box and must be in as new condition. You must have access to a printer and sticky tape to attach the return consignment note to the box. The money back guarantee does not apply to amplifiers, we may be able to accomodate amplifier returns for a fair restocking fee, please contact us for further information.
*courier pickup is not available in some areas. You may be required to post the speakers at your local post office instead (no extra charges will apply above the $10 return shipping fee).

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Additional information

Shipping Weight 12 kg
Shipping Dimensions 50 × 41.5 × 35 cm
User Manual

S8 Manual

10 reviews

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have a SMSL Q5 amp from Voll, and some bookshelf speakers (another brand) which was a great value setup. I always knew something was missing in the bottom end though and was never entirely satisfied. Subwoofers are expensive, with no budget options available in Australia; it didn’t seem right to spend more on a sub than my entire setup.

    I was very happy to see the S8 released, and it is exactly what my setup needed. Music is now just how I wanted it to be, and if I turn the volume up a bit it goes way beyond my expectations for movies. Highly recommended.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing value for money, this sub packs a serious punch, bass is crispy and tight! Highly recommend

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it. Never knew how much a sub can complete a system. This with the B50’s just makes listening to music a joy.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’ve owned an Audioengine S8 sub and that was flabby for electronic music and a disappointment. The Voll sub however is responsive, packs a punch and is great value (at half the price of the Audioengine sub!)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Purchased this Voll S8 8″ Subwoofer for $179 + Free Delivery (which is a bargain) and it arrived within 2 business days to me (in South Australia). My initial impression? This sub has far surpassed my expectations! It came included with a 1.5m RCA (mono) cable which wasn’t long enough for my sound system setup so I purchased a 4m RCA cable and used this instead with no issues. I connected this Sub to my Pioneer VSX-522 via the LFE Input and after configuring my speakers (Front + Sub) in my Receiver and setting the AV Crossover to 150Hz and the Sub Crossover to 160Hz (for a warm handover of frequency) everything was up and running beautifully! I only have this sub set to 50% volume and that’s plenty and even though it doesn’t have a physical “auto power off” button (which was the *only* reason I was considering not to purchase this sub) I read online from a rep that it actually DOES have built-in auto power off (or standby mode) so it doesn’t use much power when there’s no audio signal. The sub came with a foam plug for the port (for punchier bass, which I couldn’t really notice…) so I removed the plug and the bass is much deeper and louder which I prefer! I couldn’t find anything remotely comparable in terms of quality, sound and value — near this price point! As decent “brand name” 100W RMS Active Subs start from $399 AUD and above… so I highly recommend this sub to anyone who currently had a 2.0 or 4.0 system (like I did) and wants to add that sweet sweet .1 (sub) into their home theatre system setup! Thanks Voll for the great value sub!

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Purchased the Voll S8 downfiring sub for my 5.1 system in my “manshed”….just finished setting it up with Pioneer AV receiver, Bose 301 bookshelf speakers, a no-name centre speaker & Sony rear speakers….previous sub was a Yamaha 6” front firing unit, the new sound with this S8 is cheese & chalk in comparison to the old setup, the presence & depth of sound from this sub is quite surprising….I wish to give a big thank you to Jay for getting this delivered to me from SA to NSW in these difficult covid19 times with warehouse close downs a plenty….I have no hesitation in recommending the Voll S8 Subwoofer….best regards

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing speakers, quality of a sub 10x the price and feels rock solid.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I took a punt on this sub – to go through my vintage marantz via the second speaker outputs – the primary outputs are firing top of the line vintage B&Os – which are full range speakers but dialling in the crossover and a smidge of sub and the soundstage is incredible- and the sub becomes invisible – i found it was better with 180 phase on due to placement and DEFINITELY keep the foam plug in the port if you’re playing vinyl otherwise the bass is a bit flaccid and boomy

    Nice piece of budget kit that pumches well above its weight

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I bought this subwoofer to complement some active bookshelf speakers I’d bought second hand (Audioengine HD6). Reviews of the bookshelf speakers suggested that you could make do without a subwoofer because the speakers were supposed to be great. After plugging in the Voll S8 I can confidently say I will never buy another speaker system without a Voll subwoofer ever again.

    The difference in perceived audio quality is just immense – the jump was as obvious as going from TV speakers to discrete speakers. This sub just dumps bass out liberally (moderated as you like with volume/crossover point/foam plug) and is probably half the cost of the next best alternative. Listening to music without a subwoofer just feels like an empty experience now.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is a pretty awesome subwoofer. I recently purchased them when they were on short supply. For a while they were out of stock for months due to COVID and supply issues. Very affordable subwoofer you won’t find around this price in Australia. Australia has very limited subwoofers under $300 if any, unless you want to risk getting a poor quality second hand one. To get an equivalent subwoofer to this, you need to buy one overseas, which triggers a heavy tax $ on all subwoofers, so you will end up paying $200+ more. I currently pair this subwoofer with my Edifier R1700BT bookshelf speakers. I haven’t tried Voll’s bookshelf speakers as I already had my Edifiers. Everything sounds great and the set up is good. This subwoofer really sounds awesome. I am not a hardcore audiophile but I am very picky about sound quality. I have a home theatre set up for my lounge, and music lacking quality bass output is something I can’t really live without. Overall I recommend this subwoofer, especially for its affordable price.

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