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  • The Voll A44 (V2) bundle is a great value way to get up and running with our Voll A44 bookshelf speakers and S6 Sub. Each bundle comes with:

    The A44 and S6 come boxed with all cables required to connect together and to a 3.5mm source (computer, laptop, tablet, phone etc…)

  • We are currently renewing our product range, the B44 has been discontinued and a replacement will be announced in the coming months. The A44/S6 is still in stock.

    The Voll B44 (V2) bundle is a great value way to get up and running with our Voll B44 bookshelf speakers. Each bundle comes with:

    • 1 Pair Voll B44 (V2) passive bookshelf speakers
    • The selected SMSL or Topping amplifier
    • 2x 2m speaker cables with banana plugs at each end for easy and quick connection from amplifier to speaker

    If you would like to bundle our S6 sub choose from one of the + S6 sub options. All S6 sub options include everything needed to connect our S6 sub to your amplifier.

    If you are having trouble deciding which bundle to choose we recommend the Topping MX3 bundle – the MX3 has all the features you'd want in a desktop amplifier at a great price.

    Topping MX3 / Breeze Audio Amps: Please specify black/silver colour preference in order notes. Black will be sent if no preference is specified.

Showing all 2 results

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